Barneys to Open High-end Marijuana Shop

Gone are the days that marijuana is just for unemployed and lazy people with nothing to do. It’s actually a high-end thing now.

Barneys New York, one of the biggest high-end luxury stores around, is opening its own legal marijuana shop-in-shop called The High End.

The luxury department store chain based in NYC will be opening the store in March at its Beverly Hills, California location and other locations in California will follow. A head shop in NYC may also be in the future.

The High End is being promoted as a “luxury cannabis and wellness concept shop.”

“Barneys has always been at the forefront of shifts in culture and lifestyle, and cannabis is no exception,” said Daniella Vitale, Barneys New York CEO and President.

“If someone is going to come into a physical store, they really expect more than product, because product, unfortunately, is available in a million different places,” said Vitale. “We want to make sure there is an entertainment value here.”

“Social media happens in an environment, it happens in a restaurant, in a fitting room. It’s not happening by watching someone at their desktop shopping online. We need to make sure we’re creating a backdrop for that.”

“We’ve witnessed a cultural shift when it comes to cannabis, and many of our customers have made it a part of their lifestyle,” said Matthew Mazzucca, the creative director at Barneys New York. “With the High End, we’ve created a category that caters to their need with the same level of quality and service they expect from everything they find at Barneys New York.”

Barneys teamed up with Los Angeles-based cannabis purveyor Beboe, who has been called the “Hermès of Marijuana” by fans and celebrities. Beboe will curate pricey products for Barneys and market them. Beboe co-founder Scott Campbell told MarketWatch, “We kind of made something that’s a little more grown up.” He described the brand’s clientele as “dinner party culture people.”

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