3 Quantum Computing Stocks To Buy Now Or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

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Quantum computing is the next technological revolution worth paying attention to

  • Quantum computing is evolving quickly and can revolutionize many fields, but these quantum computing stocks are must-haves.
  • Microsoft (MSFT): The software giant is investing time and resources into pioneering the advancement of this field.
  • Nvidia (NVDA): At the forefront of technological advancement, leading the way in building quantum-based computers with its GPUs.
  • Honeywell (HON): The company has a quantum computer, which it uses to research and develop new products with industrial partners.

Quantum computing is expected to revolutionize how computers process data. Accordingly, many investors are looking to capitalize on this potential, with quantum computing stocks seen as an increasingly attractive investment option.

The market potential of quantum computing is immense, given the fact that quantum computers can tackle complex problems exponentially faster than ever before. Currently, experts estimate quantum computing has the potential to grow to an estimated $90 billion sector in terms of revenue, according to a Statista report.

Quantum computing stocks can provide investors with access to a new field of technology that has the potential to revolutionize numerous industries. While many are focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum computing is behind the scenes supporting these growth sectors. Accordingly, as these technologies continue to grow, quantum computing stocks provide tremendous upside, potentially unlocking a new level of efficiency and productivity in many areas of the economy.

These quantum computing stocks provide investors with exposure to companies developing and deploying quantum computing technologies. These companies have the potential to reap huge rewards in the coming years. Investing in these stocks now could be a great way for investors to get ahead of the curve, and benefit from this revolutionary technology.

MSFT Microsoft $242.58
NVDA Nvidia $191.93
HON Honeywell $204.46

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is looking to the future with a varied product portfolio. However, aside from the company’s core software and cloud businesses, Microsoft is a company with a portfolio that also happens to have a focus on quantum computing.

With Azure, Microsoft is making powerful tools available to the public through its cloud computing platform. Microsoft Quantum is the world’s first cloud-based quantum computing platform, according to Microsoft. This platform offers developers a range of features to build and execute quantum applications across multiple systems. It is a full-stack, open-source ecosystem that offers unparalleled opportunities for innovation.

Microsoft is heavily investing in AI and integrating it into everyday workplace tools like emails, slideshows, and spreadsheets. This is all part of its collaboration with OpenAI – the company behind ChatGPT. The Technology titan recently opened access to its Azure OpenAI Service, allowing enterprises to use AI tools such as ChatGPT.

The move is not surprising. Microsoft was reportedly considering investing $10 billion in OpenAI at the end of 2022, following its initial investment of $1 billion in 2019.

Despite Microsoft’s continued commitment to advancing its AI-powered products and services, the company recently undertook large-scale layoffs. These layoffs included a portion of the teams tasked with incorporating ChatGPT into their technology. This week, an initial round of 1,000 job cuts occurred, with the expectation that a total of 10,000 staffers by March. However, these are part of a broader trend of layoffs rocking the tech industry, and I still think Microsoft’s focus on quantum computing is worth buying into right now.

Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) is revolutionizing the semiconductor industry with its advanced graphic processing unit (GPU) designs. The company’s GPUs provide unparalleled computing power, enabling the development of next-generation tech.

Nvidia is a trendsetter in cutting-edge circuitry design, and is at the forefront of developing quantum computers with GPUs. Additionally, the company is renowned for its cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technology.

Nvidia is pioneering the technological future by providing powerful processing capabilities to various applications, such as quantum computing. Nvidia has created a software development kit called cuQuantum. It uses the company’s already-developed GPU software to support quantum computing by allowing developers to create workflows specifically for quantum computing, thus using this technology efficiently.

In July 2022, Nvidia released a new platform that combines quantum and classical computing capabilities. This powerful unified computing platform has helped drive innovation across many industries, such as health, finance, AI, and more. It is now used to accelerate breakthroughs in research and development activities.

Although quantum computing is still a relatively small business in the grand scheme of things for Nvidia, its revolutionary capabilities mean that it has the potential to take off in a big way.

Honeywell (HON)

Founded in 1906, Honeywell (NASDAQ:HON) has become one of the world’s leading providers of aerospace products and services, home automation systems, medical devices, and industrial control systems. Due to the diversified nature of its operations, the stock has held steady, delivering four consecutive quarters of financial results that exceeded expectations.

Recognized as a tech (and hardware) giant, Honeywell has its hand in many projects, such as quantum computing. In fact, Honeywell has taken a step forward in the tech realm by introducing its quantum computer. It not only uses the machine for research, but also collaborates with various industries to use it to develop new products and services.

Honeywell’s quantum computer is now accessible through public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure. Consequently, it gives businesses an easy and secure way to access and tap into the power of quantum computing.

In addition, in November 2021, Honeywell joined Cambridge Quantum, forming the all-new Quantinuum quantum computing company. Indeed, this amalgamation of Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum created a massive entity in the quantum computing market.

Quantinuum has taken a major step forward in the quantum computing industry, upgrading its H1-1 system to 20 qubits. To gain some exposure to this great company, investors can look into Honeywell, which owns 54% of Quantinuum.

Currently, Honeywell International isn’t relying heavily on quantum computing to generate income. Nevertheless, this could potentially shift in the future. In the meantime, it has plenty of revenue streams it can rely on while it continues to build out a niche in quantum computing.

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