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Bill Gates invested $10 billion,[1] Jeff Bezos also invested 10 billion,[2]
Mark Zuckerberg invested $22 billion,[3] Google invested $31 billion,[4]
IBM invested a whopping $200 billion[5]… so far, in what could be

The Biggest
Technology Wave EVER!

In Summer 2023, a small, little-known tech company, VERSES AI Inc, will launch the world’s first operating system for this technology… and the world will change!

Mike Casson is an experienced serial entrepreneur and capital markets specialist. He was an equity partner in a FINRA broker-dealer and while on the sell-side held multiple securities licenses including Series 65, registered investment adviser. Mike holds a Marketing Degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU in Dallas, TX) and is a self-proclaimed evangelist for carefully researched micro and small-cap investment opportunities, especially those available to individual investors. He publishes several investment newsletters, is market-sector agnostic and is a proud U.S. Army veteran.

By Mike Casson

This technology may be the biggest investment opportunity of the decade… perhaps of the century.

Big-name billionaires, wealthy investors, and multinational companies are all racing to invest in this potentially world-changing technology.

The World Economic Forum calls it “the global growth story of the 21st century!”[6]

That’s why the world’s wealthiest, most powerful people and corporations have been quietly buying up private companies… to secure their own piece of this technology that will change the world forever.

Here’s your chance to follow the billionaires and invest in a rapidly growing wave of technology most people still don’t understand.

But I bet this technology has already touched your life without you realizing it.

For instance, you ask Siri to look up an Italian restaurant near you… or Alexa to play your favorite music.[7] Your favorite online store suggests what you may like to buy next. Your email filters out unwanted spam. You turn on your phone simply by looking at it.[8]  These are just a fraction of the many ways this technology is now a part of your daily life.

It’s called Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short.  I’m sure you’ve heard some chatter about AI by now. It’s dominating the headlines. Google AI, you’ll get over a billion hits. It’s the next big technology wave… perhaps even a technology tsunami.

In simple terms, AI is a field of science that teaches machines to think, learn and do—just like humans. You don’t have to understand how it works, but I do want you to know why I believe AI is the next big opportunity for individual investors.  The AI genie is out of the bottle… and there’s no turning back. As Bill Gates says…

“The Age of AI Has Begun”  – Bill Gates

Bill Gates says AI is as revolutionary as graphic usage operating systems for computers, mobile phones, and the Internet.[9]

For years, AI has been the dream of the computing industry. AI has also been the bedrock story of much science fiction. But what I’m about to share with you now is NOT science fiction.

AI is happening right here, right now… and it’s rapidly advancing.[10]

Just last November, an AI-powered chatbot called ChatGPT was launched. It uses a model that understands human language and retrieves data from the surface web. This is free info available to the public and accounts for only 5% of the information on the internet. The other 95% of the web sits behind passwords and paywalls.[11]

You can ask ChatGPT a question about any topic and it gives you a succinct answer. No more Googling and scrolling through thousands of links. ChatGPT can write poetry, school essays, books, songs, computer code, emails, or letters. It can create artwork, translate text into other languages, provide content summaries… and so much more.[12]

 ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. For instance, it took ChapGPT only 5 days to reach 1 million users, compared to Twitter which took about 2 years, Facebook, about 10 months, and Instagram, 4 months.[13]  Today, ChatGPT has over 100 million users.[14]

Chart Data Source: Financial Review | Genevieve Roch-Decter

But ChatGPT is AI baby steps compared to what’s coming this summer. ChatGPT generates content solely based on data that may be out of date, for example. It can’t analyze and act on information or data, which is the holy grail of AI.

And one company holds the key to unleashing AI’s holy grail. The company is VERSES AI Inc (VRSSF), a cognitive computing tech company specializing in next-generation AI.

And this summer, VERSES will launch the world’s FIRST network operating system for AI… and change the world.

Hello, my name is Mike Casson. I’ve spent decades researching and analyzing micro and small-cap investment opportunities, especially those available to individual investors. I’m also an experienced serial entrepreneur and capital markets specialist.

I’ve been “lying in wait” for the perfect AI micro-cap opportunity. And I believe my wait could come to an end with VERSES’ breakthrough technology launching next month.  I want you to be among the first to hear about this AI game-changer… and potentially lucrative opportunity for early investors.*

Because every business… every industry… every person will be impacted. Let me paint you a picture of just how impactful AI will become – thanks to VERSES’ next-generation AI technology.

Think of AI like electricity. From 600 BC, when a Greek named Thales discovered static electricity to 1752 when Ben Franklin’s famous kite flying experiment proved lightning is a form of electricity, man has been obsessed with harnessing its potential.[15a]

From 1878 to 1880, Thomas Edison and his associates tested three thousand different theories to develop an efficient incandescent lamp and in the early 1880’s, Edison planned and supervised construction of the first commercial central power station in New York City.[15b] This changed the world as electric power quickly integrated into everyday life.
Electricity was a staggering shift in how humans lived their lives. We can’t even imagine life today without electricity.

VERSES’ revolutionary AI technology could play a huge role in the future of AI. Just like electricity—this could be integrated into everything.  

In fact, I predict that by the end of the decade, only two types of companies will be left. Companies that use AI and companies that don’t exist anymore.  And this is your chance to discover what could be the biggest AI play of the year… if not the decade.

Profiting From Technology’s Next Paradigm Shift

Since the 1970s, technology has experienced life-changing paradigm shifts about every 15 to 16 years. In 1977, the first personal computer was introduced.[16]  Then in August of 1991, the web became a publicly-available service.[17]

In June 2007, Steve Jobs launched the Apple iPhone with a handful of pre-installed “apps,” such as weather, calculator, notes, and photos.[18] The following year, Apple rolled out the App Store with an initial 500 available apps,[19] and created a whole new era in computing.

Today, app developers have created almost 9 million smartphone apps worldwide, which have been downloaded over 255 billion times,[20] generating massive profits. Total app revenue in 2022 was $129 billion. By 2025, app revenue is expected to more than double to $270 billion.[21]

And it’s time for a new paradigm shift.

Now in summer of 2023 – just 15 years after the launch of the Apple App Store – VERSES will launch a new network operating system for millions of AI developers to create new AI applications.

I believe what Apple did for smartphone apps, VERSES will do for the AI application era.

Here’s why this is so life-changing. If you’ve ever used mobile phones, you know they don’t work well or integrate with other apps.

But VERSES’ breakthrough technologies offer the potential for all the world’s knowledge – including the 95% of existing data that is not on the world wide web – to be available and accessible while increasing privacy and security. That’s never been done before![22]

VERSES enables a paradigm shift that moves civilization from the information age to the intelligence age. And it all begins this summer with the launch of “KOSM.”[23]

That’s why I believe today is a great time to look into this microcap AI company, VERSES AI Inc (VRSSF).

Discover The Potential for AI’s BIGGEST Play

AI is about to take a huge leap forward in achieving its promise:  going from artificial intelligence to true intelligence.

While ChatGPT identifies and generates content based on your selected criteria, it still doesn’t understand its own output.

But the next generation of AI promises to sense, understand what it senses, then act and react to real-world data and the physical environment.[24] AI will become curious about what it’s sensing and doing, then make decisions, and share what it’s learned with other apps.

This is known as “active inference,”[25] a way of understanding senses and feeling[26] while learning in real-time – just like the human brain.

And VERSES (VRSSF) technology experts worked with eminent neuroscientist Dr. Karl Friston – who developed active inference  to create AI’s first network operating system. This system incorporates active inference into computing devices or in the cloud.[27] 

It’s called KOSM. Basically, KOSM is a new network operating system for millions of AI developers to create new AI applications. Without getting too technical, KOSM allows a system to understand both the logic of the human world and the dimensionality of the physical world.[28]

Source [29]

AI systems using KOSM’s network operating system can use logic, reasoning, and physics to analyze, predict and automate software and robots.[30]

Today’s “old-school” AI processes rely on “machine learning,”[31] which is tedious. It takes a long time to program the data and algorithms required to imitate the human brain. 

But KOSM’s active inference engine is based on computational neuroscience and how the human brain processes information. It can increase efficiency and productivity, make decisions, and reduce costs and time.[32]

In simple terms, KOSM is also a workbench for AI software developers. KOSM allows developers to make their applications smarter, which makes it a top horizontal play for investors interested in AI’s growth potential. Right now, 10 million developers are working on all kinds of smart apps for both business and consumers.[33]

Source [35]

VERSES AI (VRSSF) uses the Apple app business model to grow its network – only on steroids. Remember, only 500 smartphone apps existed in 2008. Today it’s almost 9 million.[36] I believe AI app growth using KOSM may happen even faster.

Billions in Potential Revenue with One Contract

VERSES (VRSSF) has already built its first AI application powered by the KOSM AI operating system.[37]

It’s called WAYFINDER. Leveraging advanced AI, visual navigation, and multilingual audio cues, WAYFINDER plots optimal routes for warehouse workers in real-time resulting in a boost to productivity averaging 30%. Training a worker now takes 2 days instead of 2 months. WAYFINDER could be adapted to other areas in the supply chain, from ports to shipping to retail.[38]

Source [39]

The very first pilot company was so happy with WAYFINDER’s increased productivity, it immediately signed a $26 million USD, 10-year contract with VERSES (VRSSF). But the warehouse business is a $35 billion market.[40]

So instead of going to each warehouse company, VERSES (VRSSF) partnered with System Integrators like Blue Yonder, the world’s leading warehouse management software company, to offer WAYFINDER to its customer base of 3,000 clients in 78 countries.[41]

VERSES (VRSSF) estimates capturing 10% – 30% of Blue Yonder’s clients with a potential revenue of up to $500 million in the next 4 years. WAYFINDER is just one AI application, with one reseller that runs on the KOSM Operating System.[42]

There are more. VERSES (VRSSF) is extending the application of KOSM across additional industries and is in talks with many other companies, resellers, and integrators. VERSES (VRSSF) plans to launch its first customer-centric app, GIA, General Intelligence Agent. GIA is poised to become the first intelligent solution for anyone seeking a smarter way to organize, manage, and automate their personal and professional activities.[43]

But remember, VERSES (VRSSF) is unleashing KOSM to millions of developers so they too can develop millions of apps.

We’re just at the beginning of what AI and VERSES (VRSSF) can do. AI will fundamentally change how people live, work, learn, study, communicate, and more.

And this summer, VERSES (VRSSF), is about to launch the revolutionary AI network operating system, KOSM, – a technology game-changer – which could significantly speed up the future of technology.[44]

The time to uncover the growth potential of this AI breakthrough is now – before the KOSM launch this summer.

8 Reasons I BELIEVE
May Be the Decade’s Biggest AI Play!

AI is a fundamental paradigm shift in the technology landscape. Every company is asking “How do I integrate AI into what I’m doing?” VERSES AI (VRSSF) offers the simplest and most efficient answer. That’s because VERSES provides a platform to seamlessly incorporate AI into every corner of a company’s business without hiring a team of engineers.

Bill Gates says, “We’re only at the beginning of what AI can accomplish. Whatever limitations it has today will be gone before we know it.”[49b] I would encourage you to consider this next-generation AI stock to potentially grow your wealth in the coming years.

Source [50a]

How to Potentially Profit* from AI’s Biggest Technology Tsunami

The future is uncertain. But that’s where the most profitable opportunities exist. And I believe VERSES is one of the best AI-development companies to potentially capitalize on AI’s future.

If you wish to be among the early-bird investors in the coming AI explosion, — potentially the biggest in history – I suggest you visit their website, verses.ai, and show this report to your investment advisor or broker right away.*

VERSES AI Inc (VRSSF) right now is a microcap company selling at a bargain basement price. But that may soon change. Because this summer – just a few short weeks away – VERSES is about to launch KOSM, the world’s first AI operational system. 

As CEO Gabriel René says, “AI is the biggest technology wave in the history of technology.[50b] Mark Cuban predicts AI could create “the world’s first trillionaire.”[51] This is one technology wave you don’t want to miss. 

And for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, KOSM may soon turn the AI wave into a tsunami. 

Investing in VERSES stock has the potential for outstanding gains, especially if you invest before summer. But I should also warn you that it also comes with a higher risk. And past performance is no guarantee of future results.*

So do your own research into VERSES AI Inc (VRSSF), before making any investment decision. Young companies with great stories can carry a significant amount of risk… especially ones new to the stock market.

That’s why I urge you to always observe my three rules for accepting microcap investing risk:

Risk Reduction Rule #1: Never invest more than I can afford to lose.

Risk Reduction Rule #2: Do not chase losses. If the prices slide, resist all temptation to “average down.”

Risk Reduction Rule #3: Allocate risk capital among a handful of stocks rather than putting all of my dreams into a single microcap.

That said, I think you and your financial advisor will agree that VERSES AI Inc (VRSSF) could be 2023’s top headline-making stock.

Wishing you success, 

Mike Casson

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* See our Important Notice and Disclaimer above for a detailed discussion on compensation, risks, atypical results, and more.

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